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March 8 - 28, 2015

Elementary and Middle School Art Show

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Children's Art Academy Class Schedule

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Membership Show

April, 2015


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Our Mission: The Ponca City Art Center is dedicated to enriching the cultural life in our community by promoting, teaching, and nourishing the creation and appreciation of the visual arts.


Our Vision: To be a community of individuals, businesses, volunteers, civic leaders and media who actively work: to provide financial resources, to raise awareness, and to advocate for achieving this mission


Our Values: We value inclusiveness and diversity by including all artistry, abilities and talent, by welcoming and serving the diversity of our community, and by respecting the diversity of our world in our work.


We invest in the future of our community through our commitment to nurture creative and intellectual growth through excellent, innovative visual arts education.


We serve our community as we strive to meet arts education needs that are not being met by the private or public sectors.


We value our teacher resources by cherishing their contributions to the achievement of our mission and vision.


Ponca City Art Center Ponca City Art Center Ponca City Art Center Ponca City Art Center Ponca City Art Center